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Because curiosity never takes a day off, we've anticipated your inquiries and prepared responses to help you learn more about JoyBooks. 

The short answer? Most likely. Sending invoices to your clients is part of our game plan, but it'll depend on the volume and frequency of the invoices. Let's chat about your needs, and we'll make sure your clients are well taken care of.

Will you send invoices to my clients?

We don't handle taxes directly, but we're connected with some amazing tax experts who will take care of all your tax needs. Let's team up for a stress-free tax season!

Do you do taxes?

Our fees are completely tailored to each client's unique needs, so it depends on the specific services required. We'll only have a clear idea after discussing with you and assessing your books. However, rest assured, our packages start at $375 to give you a general idea. Let's connect and find the best solution for you!

What are your fees?

When we start our journey together, we'll need to work closely upfront – asking questions and accessing your specific systems/software. After that, all you have left to do is answer our monthly questions and join us for our financial calls. As time goes on, we'll need fewer questions, and you'll have more time to focus on your business.

Can I just hand you everything and be done with it?

While we'd love to handle all your bill payments, we follow a specific process to ensure accuracy and avoid any hiccups. For best practices, we recommend having separate people for bill entry and payment within your business. After all we are here to help guide you every step of the way!

Will you pay my bills?

As much as we'd love to be your personal receipt wranglers, we leave it to you! But no worries, we've got your back with a nifty Google Drive where you can easily store your receipts so that you are fully supported.

Will you track my receipts?

Easy-peasy! We accept ACH payments, and for our monthly clients, the same amount recurs automatically every month. You'll simply fill out the form once, and we're all set to go! It's hassle-free and keeps things smooth sailing.

How do you accept payments?

Great question! To begin, we'll need access to your QuickBooks Online. If there's anything else specific, don't worry – we'll discuss it all during our friendly discovery call. Let's get started on this exciting financial journey together.

What kind of information do I need to get started?

Not at all! While we do have a month-to-month contract, you have the freedom to cancel anytime without any fuss. We want you to feel comfortable and in control of your financial journey with us. Let's work together, no strings attached!

Do I have to commit for a certain amount of time?

Yes, Let's do it!

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